What is AWS?

Amazon Web Series or AWS is a protected cloud computing platform that provides you with an organised set of cloud services like data storage and management, content delivery, computing, artificial intelligence and more.

It provides a holistic approach to secure your data effectively and reliably.

Why upskill in AWS?

The projected hike in the number of job opportunities created through AWS by the blue chip companies like netflix, apple and pinterest is what gears you to upskill in this course.

AWS is the fastest growing public cloud service. In the US, it is difficult for employers to find professionals with Cloud Computing skills.


Working in the CyberSecurity field has evidently evolved as more of a genuine choice for aspiring developers as opposed to a side idea. It is widely spread across all sectors, extending from national security departments till the smallest departmental stores, thereby expanding its scope.

A year ago the market was worth $137.85 billion and is ascending by 11% yearly with only growing into a promising designation.

Here’s your guide to a few tips and tricks for you to accelerate the right way in CyberSecurity!

Choosing the right job

Selecting the suitable job for yourself in this field is more of…

What are Data Structures and Algorithms?

Learning data structures and algorithms helps you structure your collected data and build it further to help the computer appropropriate it in an devised manner. Collecting data and methodically arranging it for further usability makes work easier and the data, convenient for a foolproof applicability.

Algorithms are a set of steps to solve a problem effectively and efficiently. It works as a handbook for writing coherent computer programs.

Why upskill in Data Structures and Algorithms?

With the increasing market demand for jobs and well, good ones, upskilling or learning data structures and algorithms through your course of turning into a professional techie is essential.

Understanding a problem…


A highly interpreted, object oriented and analytical software language, Python caters to being one of the easiest programming languages one can start off their careers with.

Created by Guido Van Rossum in the late 80’s, Python gained a large audience due to its readability and creative efficiency paired with elimination of a wide number of syntax errors.

Learning and mastering this versatile programming dialect does not only help to effectively put-to-work your extreme logical skills and help elucidate your extreme applicable skills into creating a place of wonder, but also is one of the best way to…


We, at LetsUpgrade bring to you a limitless platform to LEARN, BUILD, SHARE AND GROW with not just us, but a learner base that is globally widespread.

LEARN Extensively, through our live instructor-led portals.

BUILD real world projects via gamified instructable versions.

SHARE the knowledge that you behold with our community and like minded fellows throughout the program, and what better than YOU BEING REWARDED FOR IT!

GROW with us personally and professionally

We have grown extensively through our 153200 LetsUpgraders with 15% of our student origin coming from countries like Nepal, Australia, Singapore and so many more under a…


LetsUpgrade launched LetsUpgrade Essentials Program Initiative, earlier this year, where we mentored thousands of students for the industrys’ most demanded programming languages like JavaScript and Python FREE OF COST.

We brought to our developers the Essentials Program through a platform of extreme connectivity and engagement, earlier this year.

This LetsUpgrade Essential Program caters to the most demanded programming languages of JavaScript, AWS (Amazon Web Series), Cyber Security, Blockchain, RPS (Robotic Process Automation), Digital Marketing, Java and Python.


The Essentials Program is a Free of Cost, Certified Program where…

What is Hack v1 with LetsUpgrade?

Hack with LetsUpgrade is a 36 hours-long hackathon with an initiative to provide a virtual platform to solve some of the real-world problems along with some fun stuff. Therefore, implanting a sense of innovation and a problem-solving mindset. The end goal was to help students and employees to get exposure to real-time projects and provide an arena where they feel excited, rushed, motivated, and passionate within 36 hours!

Enlightened to have 300+ on our Hackathon V1 journey!
Enlightened to have 300+ on our Hackathon V1 journey!

Like Steve Jobs once said, “People who are crazy to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Hack with LetsUpgrade Themes


Hello Everyone! This blog will take you through the journey and purpose of LetsUpgrade. So, fasten your seats and lets get going!

What is LetsUpgrade?

LetsUpgrade is an online technology-based platform with the vital motto to LEARN, BUILD, SHARE AND GROW TOGETHER, catering to various technologies comprising expertise, involved, and hardworking community having a great desire to impart a holistic Upgrade for career acceleration.

Providing a platform to Working professionals and several aspiring students to come Together to LEARN from Live instructors, BUILD projects together, SHARE and clear their doubts via a peer to peer engaging community learning platform, and…


On a mission to Learn, Build, Share and Grow with 10 MILLION upgraders in a collaborative community of live trainers for extreme career acceleration.

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