A community of 5,00,000 students!

Ever since LetsUpgrade has been launched, it has created a remarkable presence in the lives of people, be it students or professionals. Delivering from best of industry content to budgeting the courses in line with various economic situations, it has catered to each and everyone of you.

Thus, with the dedication presented and rendered by its students, LetsUpgrade has been named the largest growing community of developers in recent times. Despite the struggles bestowed by the pandemic last year, it has grown to tremendous success of glory and achievement through its students’ success.

This success can be seen through the numbers as they provide a clean reality of where LetsUpgrade stands. Confused what we are talking about?

Do not!

LetsUpgrade has achieved it again by registering around 5,00,000 students on its platform. This alone screams out the standing and trust students place on LetsUpgrade courses be it Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Python and so on.

Through its goals on Learn, Build, Share and Grow, LetsUpgrade has been able to create a safe online learning space with the developers where they have freedom to present their true identity. Not just exploring, LetsUpgrade provides students to sculpt out their best version by upgrading their skills and polishing their knowledge with the help of essential and PGP courses.

Thus, LetsUpgrade would like to extend their congratulations to the team who worked day and night behind their screens to deliver the best of the best content to the students. Also, the students who placed their trust on LetsUpgrade in the journey of upgrading their knowledge and skills through their programs. It is through collaborative teamwork from both the sides that LetsUpgrade has become a community of 5,00,000 students!

A big toss to the achievement and to many more which has to come.

We shall not stop here but strive to achieve more and more as success has no limits.

On a mission to Learn, Build, Share and Grow with 10 MILLION upgraders in a collaborative community of live trainers for extreme career acceleration.