Hack V1 with LetsUpgrade

What is Hack v1 with LetsUpgrade?

Hack with LetsUpgrade is a 36 hours-long hackathon with an initiative to provide a virtual platform to solve some of the real-world problems along with some fun stuff. Therefore, implanting a sense of innovation and a problem-solving mindset. The end goal was to help students and employees to get exposure to real-time projects and provide an arena where they feel excited, rushed, motivated, and passionate within 36 hours!

Enlightened to have 300+ on our Hackathon V1 journey!
Enlightened to have 300+ on our Hackathon V1 journey!

Like Steve Jobs once said, “People who are crazy to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Hack with LetsUpgrade Themes

We glide towards technically inspiring the millennials and young brains of 2020, to bring about constant community development through their work.

Thus, our Hackathon organizers made sure to pick themes from different fields- Agriculture, Covid 19, AI/DS/Analytics, Creative games, sustainable development, Women safety, disaster management, and more.

Hence, encouraging the developers to come up with apt problem-solving ways and helping them showcase their talent most innovatively.

Through the 36 Hours of Hackathon

Hack v1 was held on the 26th and 27th of September 2020. We registered 60 teams, upholding an average of 300 budding techies in all.

During the 36 hours of the LetsUpgrade Hackathon, students and professionals from various fields paired groups and built projects with empowered enthusiasm and extreme determination.

A live Discord session was held for the initial hours, followed by an “Ask me anything” session with the Mentors and Judges. During the first level of the hackathon, participants pitched their ideas and presented the basic model of their projects.

Out of the 60 registrations, around 10 teams were selected for the next phase. In between the hackathon, there were fun games held that cheered up the participants during the long journey.

After a few hours of collaboration, a panel of three judges graded the projects and presentations based on four main criteria: the ‘WOW’ factor, the level of innovation, feasibility, and realistic capability.

The winners of Hack V1 were then announced and bestowed some amazing goodies and certificates.

Why should one be a part of the LetsUpgrade Hackathon?

It aims to help the students and working professionals achieve great exposure through real time based, hands-on projects that drive them towards welcoming the real-world software development projects and enhance their skills.

Throughout this event, the LetsUpgrade Community aims to reveal the best of opportunities in the job sector and a wide range of internships when you take a step to contribute projects at the hackathon.

So, why not give yourself the best version of you whilst enhancing your talents!

When is the next LetsUprade Hackathon happening?

LetsUpgrade will soon announce their next hackathon on their social media with another pool of exciting themes and games.

For more updates, check our website: https://letsupgrade.in/hackathon/

Our Instagram handle- https://www.instagram.com/letsupgrade.in/

LinkedIn page- https://www.linkedin.com/company/letsupgrade

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