LetsUpgrade on a Mission of 10 Million!

Hello Everyone! This blog will take you through the journey and purpose of LetsUpgrade. So, fasten your seats and lets get going!

What is LetsUpgrade?

LetsUpgrade is an online technology-based platform with the vital motto to LEARN, BUILD, SHARE AND GROW TOGETHER, catering to various technologies comprising expertise, involved, and hardworking community having a great desire to impart a holistic Upgrade for career acceleration.

Providing a platform to Working professionals and several aspiring students to come Together to LEARN from Live instructors, BUILD projects together, SHARE and clear their doubts via a peer to peer engaging community learning platform, and GROW with applying towards jobs from their online WebApps, gives us immense pleasure to uphold in the teaching plethora, online.

We aim to revamp, rescale, and unmask the wonders of technology to GEN-Z . Some such technologies our platform provides are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Python Learning, Machine Learning(ML), RPA, and so much more!

The mission with a Vision

LetsUpgrade is a tech-based portal that opens up the world of ever-evolving technology to our students. We, together -a very proficient compiled team of experts are on a mission to grow with our inquisitive students and help reach education and knowledge highly oriented to skill-based learning.

We aim to help Upgrade 10 MILLION LetsUpgraders to a place with pace. Therefore, our community emphasizes on great quality training and impart as much knowledge about the most recent tech-oriented skills.

What keeps our midnight oil burning?

We feel esteemed to share with you the overwhelming response we received and continue to receive during our various programs. This force leads us to work towards imparting the best of knowledge to the millennium.

We are inclined towards studying, learning, teaching, and building together which is the sole reason we believe in community upgrading over anything more. The fact that a large number of learners grow and upgrade themselves with the same goal, is what fuels us towards providing the best of learning and technology upgradation.

LetsUpgrade has a very focused but holistic motive to help budding tech stars put in their best, and make themselves stronger and so much more compatible with the expansively growing technology and its various elements like JavaScript (JS), Python, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and more.

From the Founders’ Work Stead

Saikiran Sondarkar, Founder and Chief Upgrader, LetsUpgrade

Saikiran Sondarkar, Founder and Director of the LetsUpgrade community was also the youngest notable Director of the ITM group of companies.

During his course as an intellectual technology student of the ITM Vocational University, Vadodara, he was awarded an opportunity by DR. P.V. Ramana to join the ITM Group (Information Technology Management) for the ITM NWIT Labs (New Wave IT Labs Program). He considers his acceptance of these offers as his life-changing decisions. “Working with Dr. P.V. Ramana Sir and Nitin Putcha Sir, CEO of the ITM Group, taught me life lessons of leadership and ways to work towards a goal-oriented direction,” he says.

“The current education system, collaborated with digital technology and the feeling of the younger generations’ need for skill transformation on a very high level to suit the current worlds’ corporate needs fueled my idea of formulating LetsUpgrade,” Saikiran says.

Redefining education with community development” is Saikiran sir’s ideal motto. His belief in educating and getting educated together, as a community is what unifies the exemplary skills of the team he has compiled that connects with the budding Upgraders beautifully.

“We saw there is a huge difference between people aspiring to get into the programming world and the ones who could get into it. To lessen this broad pathway, we induced the online LetsUpgrade community and began to teach technological courses having high value in the corporate sector free of cost. We made our Python and other basic level programs taught live free of cost, and the word started spreading like wildfire. Our core team of 5 people was hardly able to reply to all the candidates’ queries and that’s how we reached the 153K mark to date in just the last 5–6 months, for which I am utterly grateful.” commented the persevering flag bearer of the community.

He further plans on widening this platform on a scale that connects the striving aspirants of the new world technology. His emphasis on the community strives to diligently form and expand which sets him over and above the mark.

The LetsUpgrade Community

The LetsUpgrade Community

The LetsUpgrade Community is a platform, where technology creates its own space, embracing the taste in technology that our learners have while incorporating the tech-related knowledge and experience that our broad team of professors and teachers expertise. This community is provided with the best of knowledge a tech-related program would have with high quality and the best of community engagement paired with FREE courses.

Here we have our dose of daily quizzes, recent updates, batch details, tech news, technology-related quizzes and so much more.

The community is nothing but a merger of the LetsUpgrade version of Facebook, Quora, The Times Feed, WhatsApp, and Blogger too! A wholesome technology treat!

Check out our Community of Upgraders at-https://community.letsupgrade.in/

Why Upgrade with LetsUpgrade?

We, at LetsUpgrade, always strive to deliver the best of knowledge to our young learners, guide them throughout their journey with us, and make sure that they have fun in their learning phase.

We, the community with ultimate expertise provide-

  1. Certified courses with skill-oriented quality training
  2. Focused tech knowledge with hands-on training
  3. Gamified learning to engage students and help relate technological skills in the real world
  4. Quality skills transformation on an elite level
  5. Online meetups by successful industry professionals and their guidance
  6. Coding battles and daily quizzes for an applicative skill of technology
  7. Affordability
  8. Our Mobile App Development team is working remarkably to get the mobile version of the LetsUpgrade App launched for the feasibility of our users very soon.
  9. Rewarding LU Coins which one earns by being visibly active and interactive in the community. These LU coins can be redeemed to come in contact with the interactive technological paid courses of LetsUpgrade.
  10. Highly technological assignments to build projects and impart confidence in our budding aspirants.

Our Various Programs

LetsUpgrade provides numerous technological programs that are relevant to the tech world at a very high rate. These courses and programs are specially designed to suit our learners in a manner that would widen their prospects more as a technology specialization aspirant.

Our highly technology-oriented programs not only compromise gamified learning that keeps our students engaged throughout the course but as a matter of fact, we are providing these courses at a very reasonably commendable rate.

Alongside, these courses of technology learning in a professionalized manner, we have also conducted YouTube Live lectures for a lot of courses like -

  • LetsUpgrade Cyber Security essentials,
  • LetsUpgrade Digital Marketing essentials,
  • LetsUpgrade Python,
  • LetsUpgrade JavaScript (JS),
  • LetsUpgrade RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

And so many more!

These courses visibly noticed a large number of empowered and satisfied students who were awarded certification on completing the course while making highly technological engagements with their projects.

We are looking forward to a plethora of high career and skill-oriented courses that will further be constantly introduced with high involvement in evolution with the only aim of making our young learners feel confident in their skills.

A piece of advice to Tech Aspirants

The community and core teams work hard towards flourishing and nurturing the tender minds of the technological aspirers that find ways to sail through the corporate needs and have the constant desire to learn and upgrade their skills.

Their tiny piece of advice to stay resilient, patient and strive for the best through their tech-knowledge Upgradation are-

  • Understand why you want to Upgrade your skills, be mentored by the best industry workers, and grow along with the constantly evolving technology.
  • Motivate yourself with the interactive sessions of great entrepreneurs and workers in the technology industry and seek to build with them, like them.
  • NOW IS YOUR TIME! Start building, upgrading your technology quotient, and grow with best mentors into creating big.
  • Analyze your results by developing projects, and getting them reviewed by strong mentors. This will enhance your interest to build more and more innovative projects.

Moreover, being a part of the LetsUpgrade Community enables you to do all of this under one roof!

LetsUpgrade’s future plans on upgrading

LetsUpgrade together is a base that feels and believes that knowledge and expansion are limitless. For this purpose, we are continually expanding our wings as wide as we can day by day by introducing and increasing-

  • The Portfolio of LetsUpgrade Free Programs which are rapidly streaming wide.
  • The Portfolio of LetsUpgrade Premium Programs in various Tech domains.
  • Build with LetsUpgrade Programs to build Open Source Projects to test their skills.
  • Hack with LetsUpgrade — A Platform for Competing within the community for building various projects.
  • LetsUpgrade Juniors — For Upskilling 8–16 Year Old in the coding platform.

We soon are prospecting to enhance our systems and courses widely to reach a larger community of students, technology aspirants, and institutions. This includes inducing new programs of learning and teaching enthusiastically.

How LetsUpgrade grows through the day?

In the span of the last six months, LetsUpgrade has served over 150,000+ Working Professionals and Students by running an initiative called the LetsUpgrade Free Coding School in March 2020. The overwhelmed responses and engagement we received while running the course, gave us the power to expand and build a higher platform of learners with the want to Upgrade with and for technology.

Over the lockdown period, our community saw a sparked-up spike in the audience, and we welcomed and onboarded with immense pleasure, more than 1,53,200 students in a span of 6 months.

It is very commendable to note that our expansion grew by more than 50% through word of mouth indeed is very notable. We grew 30–35% through Display Ads and another 10% through our Social Media Organic Posts.

As we see these reviews of users at different platforms, we are hungry to reach the next 1 million community members in a span of the upcoming few months by adding to our portfolio a lot more numbers of courses as our community eventually expands.

LetsUpgrade’s venture ideas beyond the sea

Having a student base from the US, UK, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, Israel, Singapore, and so many more technological developing countries, increases our chances of growing stronger throughout the nations.

Furthermore, we are always welcoming to collaborations between technological institutes, student ambassadors, and universities to Upgrade and expand our community of amazing LetsUpgraders.

LetsUpgrade seeks to grow and Upgrade beyond borders. The technology Community team understands that tech knows no boundaries and is limitless hence, it plans on flying across countries where students and working professionals feel the need and wish to upgrade their skills in a very engaging manner.

The faces behind LetsUpgrade

We have got the most talented and passionate crew on board at LetsUpgrade.

Leading from, Mr. Saikiran Sondarkar, (Founder and Director), steeping to each team member of LetsUpgrade, this teams only goal is to concisely unify the education system parallelly with the advancing technology.

To add on, we have recently formed an army of very alluring and bright student ambassadors, from 80 different colleges throughout the nation who, while shaping their version of LetsUpgrade community on campuses and further expand and accelerate our community levels to a great extend. They are the people who help us bridge the thought gap between the aspiring young learners towards brilliant Upgraders and more. We are overly grateful to them.

LetsUpgrade’s satisfied upgraders

Our feedback wall at LetsUpgrade

The feedback wall represents our happy, satisfied students and working professionals who have completed certified courses, some free and the others affordable. We are delighted to let you know that we have more than 100,000 learners onboarded to upgrade with our LetsUpgrade portfolios.

Wanna explore more?

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On a mission to Learn, Build, Share and Grow with 10 MILLION upgraders in a collaborative community of live trainers for extreme career acceleration.