The 12-Factors moderating container services…(2/4)

1. Build, Release, Run

If building an application requires heavy-duty use of Kubernetes, then it means that the application requires a lot of microservices, reference containers, and whatnot; meaning that there is a very high possibility that the scale of the project is quite big.

What do we mean by visibility?

Well, visibility, in this case, is referring to just how clean, efficient, and descriptive the source code is.

How do we achieve this? How do we separate the code into segments?

Tbh, it isn’t all that hard to achieve separation.

2. Process

What do we mean by Stateless?

Well, a stateless application is an application that provides only one service or function and utilizes the content delivery network (CDN), web, or print servers in order to process these short-term requests.



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